Risk Solutions Caribbean is a business service provider. We conduct objective and independent investigations into illegalities within organizations. In addition, we support organizations in their legally required tasks in the field of compliance. And lastly, we engage in scientific research, advice, and education in the field of crime and the fight against it.

Risk Solutions Caribbean is licensed (POB 1882) by the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security to conduct investigation activities.

The management of Risk Solutions Caribbean is formed by Mr. Simone van der Zee EMTP and Ruud Hamers EMTP. If necessary, we bring in expert partners from our network.

We have relevant training and extensive experience at public and private organizations. A legitimate interest, subsidiarity, proportionality, mutual hearing, integrity, independence, objectivity, and confidentiality are leading concepts for us.

Information about our services can be found on this website, on our LinkedIn company page or make an appointment for a no-obligation and discrete introduction.

Fields of work

We are a business services provider in the fields of investigations, compliance and criminology. More information about our services:


Objective and independent investigation into irregularities within organisations.


Supporting organizations in their legally required tasks.


Scientific research, advice and education in the field of crime.